This blog is set up as a part of Arts and the City Year at Penn. In the hopes that we students can get more engaged in creative endeavors, and build up a stronger appreciation for local art, any Penn student can contribute a blog entry. This way, we can create a dialog all about art- say I go to an exhibit at the ICA and I love it and want to share my thoughts. Well, I can write up a short entry about it and send it to artsandthecityblog@gmail.com where it will be reviewed and (if appropriate!) posted here. Other ideas for posts include (but definitely are not limited to): description of your own art, photographs of art, thoughts on different pieces/artist/art in general, a specific concert or exhibit or class, art criticism.

It’s all about sharing, it’s all about the art!

Submit to artsandthecityblog@gmail.com to contribute your creativity to the dialog


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